my simple little life for the next 365 days…….

Take your shoes off and sit a spell Y'all

Welcome to ..... My Barefoot Country Life


My simple boring life……….

Well I am a week into this log and I have already missed two days….wow thats awful….

I need to get on the ball.. also have craft projects, quilting etc that need done and I am getting nothing done

So not much going on in my life…..Been reading and cleaning and doing laundry…watched a little tv.  Other than that much going on

I am reading Crossed which is the second book in the Missing Series by Ally Condie … I like it..Not in LOVE with it like I am the House of Night or Hunger Games but its worth reading

Right now we are watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and then Duck Dynasty will be on.  Duck Dynasty is funny those guys are CRAZY…

Not much else going on…making plans for CJ’s birthday

I have 8 days till his birthday and the boys have 22 days of school left… Summer is fast approaching

Good Night All I am going to read watch tv and take my barfoot butt to bed = )



Freezing my Butt off,Crazy Ohio weather…And OMG I’m getting OLD!!

Well, It’s Monday which means Chad is back to work, The Boys are off at school and it is just me and the dogs here at home…

Good thing is that means it is nice and quiet.  Plenty of time to read craft or do what ever I want.  The bad thing is …. It is freezing here. Well okay technically right now it is about 38 degrees (farenheit of course) This is the end of April.   But at least between the rain weather is usually nice.  High for today is supposed to be 52. a couple of weeks ago it was 80 degrees here.

I think Ohio’s mother nature has gone BiPolar. Someone please put her back on her meds.

Then I heard on the news this morning that is SNOWING in parts of PA and NY….. Really? Snow? In April?

The weather is so messed up right now I wish our spring weather would get here and stay at least when it is warm if I have to wear shoes I can wear flip-flops… Only kind of shoes I do like


WOW..I just realized my youngest sons birthday is in less than 2 weeks… 11 days to be exact.  May 4th my baby boy will be 14 years old.  Oh wow I have so little time to get things ready. We are not doing partys this year we are just having quiet family birthdays… I figure in a couple of years the last thing they will want to do on their birthdays is spend time with us…But still  have to plan the cake (he was a candy cake on pintrest he wants) and presents and of course a family dinner…. He has been begging to go see Hunger Games.  I might get him tickets as one of his presents. (I might add …momma wants to see it too. Just have not had time..Its almost an hours drive to go see a movie from here) I have a few other Ideas and he told me about some short he likes not too long ago…

Him getting older makes me feel OLD.  Well it doesn’t help that yesterday a girl I went to school with posted on Facebook that the 20 year class reunion is this year…I didn’t graduate I quit school in my senior year. I wish I had enough smarts to finish school and go to college but I did go back and get my GED. Me not finishing school is part of the reason I am so pushy with my kids about school being so important and going to college….But anyway, the thought that I have been out of school for 2o years WOW I am getting so OLD… and then I think of how many of my cousins who are close to my age and how many people I went to school with who already have GRANDKIDS……wow, I am still concentrating on raising my own kids and although one of mine is grown I am hoping to wait a bit longer to be a grandparent…

If I am going to be a grandma I want to be like my grandma and my mother-in-law I want to have my responsibilities out-of-the-way and be a little older so I can have time to spend with my grandkids and enjoy them. My parents were early grandparents (my mom was 36 and my dad 42) when I had my first child and they have never really been involved much (I am no longer is contact with my parents long story, not going there right now) But they have only done birthday and holidays with my kids … I don’t want to be that kind of grandparent so I hope I can wait a while ………

well enough of my rambling I need to do something with my day…. But today I have to do it in socks cause my feet are COLD…lol

Bye Y’all

Why do weekends have to go by SO fast…..

I get to see my husband so little during the week lately.  The on Saturdays we always have so many things to do  But we have always tried to keep Sunday as Family day… Seems like they go by way too fast now… The whole weekend does but especially Sundays.

So I guess I will catch up up on my weekend since I didn’t post yesterday…..

Saturday Chad worked around the house, I cleaned house and went to the grocery was kinda cold out so no one wanted to do much outside.  Saturday evening Chad broke my truck = )  (Yes I drive a truck, a big red dodge 1500 quad-cab) I hate cars and I LOVE my truck…  Well him and my youngest son went over to Grandpa’s (Chad’s dads) and took the 4-wheeler over there to ride it…On the way back the front of the 4-wheeler met up with the back of my truck…damaged the bed and back of the cab….I was not a happy camper

So today he spent part of the day fixing it Then well it was Race time…Nascar…we are huge Nascar fans…Dale Jr as a matter of fact … Don’t Hate #88 … So we watched the race and then a couple movies and just generally hung out around the house together…

I did try a new cornbread recipe today. Turned out YUMMY : ) then I made steaks, corn on the cob and mashed taters and gravy to go with it

Over all it wasn’t too bad a weekend (except for my truck) But it is over way too soon.. Tomorrow Big Daddy goes back to work and the boys go back to school (they only have about a month of school left for this year)


It’s Friday……….


It’s friday…So one of the things that means is that it is time for me to get ready to go the grocery store  tomorrow…

Recently my husband lost a big account at work and it has cut our income by about $250 a week … So one of the things we are doing to save money is trying to cut back at the grocery store…So on Friday I set down at the table with a drink, a snack, the laptop, pencil paper and coupons…..then I go thru the sales ads for the week and the coupons and make my list for the grocery store…

That’s what I am getting ready to do now…but FIRST I need an Iced Coffee

I found a post on Pintrest on how to make your own Iced coffee at home…its really easy and I adapted it just a little for my tastes and now I love it and drink it daily……I’ll run u thru the basics of how I do it……

I make mine in a 24oz. reuseable tumbler (with lid and straw) I got at Wal-Mart. Now I don’t like super strong coffee so… I add the amount of instant coffee for 2 cups then I add just enough hot water to dissolve the coffee, I add my creamer I like the sweetened flavored kinds (my favorite right now is the new Cold Stone Creamery – Sweet Cream) so I don’t add any sweetener…I stir and finish filling the cup with cold water and ice and stir again…that it all done…easy simple and SOOOO good I am off to grab and snack and the rest of what I need….The I will enjoy my Iced Coffee while I work……….Barefoot…lol  = )

I Love to Read….

I have always loved to read…I go through times where I read more thana others.  But I never go to long without something to read…

I read lots of kinds of books … seems like my favorites are mysteries and fantasy fictions.  I have of course read all of the Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games Series (I prefer series to individual novels)

I think I will make a new page where I list all of the Books I have read. About 3 years ago because I was reading so many series books I started a binder. It is listed by Author and then each book by series and I Keep track of what books I have read in that series and when new books in the series are coming out….

It has helped a lot to keep track of what I have read and what I need to catch up on…….

Last Night I started a new book …..  Matched by Ally Condie … I only got about 50 pages read last night so I don’t know much about it yet but, I am looking forward to reading it  🙂

My favorite place to read is out back on our Deck (barefoot of course) It’s suppose to be a nice day in our little part of Ohio today so Hopefully I can get out there and read for a little bit..

Hope everyone enjoys their day and find time to read something you love..

I am going to go enjoy the thing I love……….My Barefoot Country Life = )

Day ONE ….. 365 day challenge … here we go y’all

Today is Day One on the 365 Day Challenge…

Basically the challenge is to post daily on what I am doing, making, baking, reading or whatever I am doing in my life….I considered making it certain things on certain days (ie…Monday is recipe day etc) But well lets start out slow and just hope I actually get in here and post….

No Crafting today…..yes I was being lazy

Today I am  Reading …. Bite Club (Morganville Vampire Book #10) By Rachel Caine : )

A lot of my day..believe it or not…was taken up by making this blog (nope not a computer genius)

Now the boys are home, doing homework and I am trying to decide what to do about supper tonight. My hubby is working  late  so I squashed my original plans (Mongolian Beef and Rice) Now I am considering spaghetti and Meatballs : ( Not one of my favorites but goes over good with the men in my life..

Song I love today……Drunk on You by Luke Bryan   

Told you there was nothing exciting and special about my life…lol


Something else I love today ….. My Barefoot Country Life

Welcome to My Barefoot Country Life

Hello, My name is Tammy and welcome to my new blog…Basically it is a what I am doing NOW type thing…

What I am reading, making, cookoing, working on…etc etc…

I am challenging myself to a 365 day challenge. Where I blog daily about whatever…

My life in pretty plain and simple so please dont expect dinner parties and cruises (so not happening my husband hates big boats…lol) A nd the whole thing I have been hearing from younger girls about being a “Country Girl”  well let me tellyou for those of you who have not heard it.. They say stuff like I drink and smoke and shoot guns and wear camo thats what makes a country girl………….NOT in my world

I go barefoot (dont freak out I slip on flip flops in the summer to run into WalMart and wear shoes if I walk outside in the winter) I know how to cook (other than in the microwave) I can grow stuff in the dirt. I know how to hang laundry and use a screw driver….I like to make things and I love to sit outside and read…. I know how to can just about anything and have actually used an outhouse (okay that was year and years and years ago but hey…not everyone has) BUT I dont own a gun..although I do believe in hunting and sorry people but I think bambi’s daddy tastes good….I dont drink, smoke or do anything else I shouldn’t…My idea of loud and rowdy mainly takes placce in my living room in front of the TV during a NASCAR race and yes I am a Dale Jr girl…My Idea of a good time is a cookout in my backyard with my husband and kids and the cornhole game

Like I said my life is kinda plain and simple …

BUT………. I LOVE My Barefoot Country Life